Thursday, May 6, 2010

Local shows and feeling

I watched the high school's opening show for Our Miss Brooks, and I think the cast and crew did an amazing job. The audience was a little more...intimate...than I was expecting on opening night, but I bet tomorrow evening will draw a larger audience: The word-of-mouth will spread, and Friday nights there aren't shows like Grey's Anatomy that draw away fans--and it's the start of the weekend.

The show was very good, indeed. There is two casts, so tomorrow night I might have to go see the second group of students. There were a few people that I didn't know could act, and they looked surprisingly calm on stage. (There were a few slipped lines, and obvious nervous jitters, but it's opening night).

For all the people in our town who chose to leave a seat open for others tonight, I suggest you be more selfish tomorrow night, as there might not be any seats left over.

I really like the nights where I go to see a play or some sort of event in town, and I just get the overwhelming feeling of community and being social. Of course, a few events I've gone to seem to be scheduled on odd nights and a few conflicts with timing, but still.

At the moment, all I can think is that there should be more gatherings, and openings, and events that draw a lot of people. La Conner pretty much needs more community dances and well-known social affairs--Arts Alive! weekend, gallery openings, MoNA's annual art auction, and school plays just don't make up for the rest of the year (although, I liked having two major plays, and another class-based play to enjoy this year).

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  1. yay for the suggestion of community dances!