Friday, December 10, 2010

College By The Numbers, Quarter I

Because quite a few pre-college students are reading this blog, I thought it would be interesting to provide some useful information about the numbers of college, primarily things I've used throughout or faced this first quarter. Just remember that most of these are estimated, and will vary between individuals, but you can definitely use this as a way to see what you'll face in college. I will also provide numbers as often as I can, even if when you read them you go, "Whaaaa?"

Western's Fall quarter of 2010 started September 22 and officially ends December 10 (of course, people leave a little early according to final exam schedules).
That is a total of 2 months and 18 days (or, 11.29 weeks; or, 79 days) or 57 weekdays. I moved in the week before classes started, so I've been here technically 12 weeks.
(Oh, the wonders of WolframAlpha, go ahead, try it).

And here are The Numbers for...

Dorm Life
  • Finished one bar of shower soap and just started another a few weeks ago.
  • Used ~2/3 of a bottle of shampoo (that was 22.5 fl. oz., so about 14.85 fl. oz. used)
  • Used ~2/8 of a large toothpaste tube (that was 8 oz., so I've used about two ounces---completely guesstimating)
  • Gone through one toothbrush
  • Used almost a full roll of paper towels
  • Used more than half a bottle of alcohol hand-sanitizer (of 3 fl. oz., so like 1.6 oz. used)
  • Visited home maybe seven weekends (of the twelve).
  • Received thirteen pieces of mail from family and friends.
  • Used my microwave for actually heating something once. (It's been more of a conveniently-placed clock for my roommate so far).
  • Been locked out of my dorm zero times this quarter. Although, I can't say the same for my roommate.
  • Have found $7.27 in the laundry machines.
  • Checked out billiard equipment about five times to play pool with guests.
  • Spent $6 on my Laundry Card, which is rechargeable at the Dining Halls.
 Note: It's a good idea to have like $3 on it just in case you need to have an emergency washing or drying cycle.
Class Materials
  • Finished off one black, ball-point pen taking notes all quarter. (Without losing it!)
  • Used about half a "vial" of pencil lead for my mechanical pencil doing math problems.
  • Filled a notebook and a half with notes between three classes.
  • Like maybe an eighth of a packet of loose-leaf, lined paper for homework assignments.
  • Gone through ~100 Sticky Notes, writing notes to myself and my roommate, as well as make-shift coasters for cups and utensils. 
  • Edit (1/2/11): Spent $223.13 on four textbooks. The most expensive was for math class, at $119.

  • Have spent $58.89 Dining Dollars (of $150). These are dollars to be used at campus diners and coffee shops other than the three dining halls. Whatever money is left at the end of the quarter rolls over to the next quarter, but is terminated at the end of the year. (I haven't been getting my chai this quarter).
  • Eaten at the dining halls for 146 meals, using all 10 guest passes. This was using the Unlimited Plan, which I've liked a lot because it's flexible and I didn't have to worry about  running out. Keep in mind I visited home several weekends, and the next step down in meal plans is 125 meals.
An average week for me was about 13 meals at the cafeteria, and if I had paid for them myself, rather than using a meal plan, it works out to about $93.75 a week, or $1,125 for 12 weeks (one quarter). According to this file found on WWU's website, the per-quarter cost students pay for an Unlimited Plan is $1,208. That's just how Fall Quarter worked out with my schedule, and I'll be doing this next quarter so anyone can compare the changes. Just for your curiosity and consideration.
    • Spent $87.68 at the Associated Students Bookstore on things other than textbooks. I was given a $100-gift card to the campus bookstore, and it has been very good to have with me. I have practically spent only $3 of actual cash on campus. Everything else, like meal plans, printing  money, bus passes, and laundry fees, are all on cards. (Take note I spent ~$50 in gifts yesterday).
    I highly recommend even having a gift-card of $50 just to help buy the random things you'll need like paper, pens, and folders, without taking away from your wallet's cash--you know, for movies and stuff.
      • Edit (3/17/11): Printed out about 360 pages on the school's computers. Each student gets $25 per quarter, which is about 500 black-and-white pages per quarter (Math breaks it down to ~$0.05 per page, non-color). If a student goes over they must pay for additional pages themselves by buying printing cards.
      • Have yet to actually use the Bellingham Bus System--and thus my ID card to pay for said system, but I will get there eventually.

      Thursday, December 9, 2010

      Things I've Heard in College, Quarter I

      I'm sure I'm going to have a few of these collections of off-handed college-isms, but here is my first collection.

      Now remember, this is college, so some of this stuff might be explicit, pointless, and sometimes really funny.

      Or better read: This isn't censored.

      In class during role call (in a 140-student class), a kid in the back yelled "Tough Luck and Catch ON. Set, Start!" Yep, the intro narration to a Firefight match in Halo: Reach (and ODST). Only a few people heard him and appreciated it.

      My really young-looking math teacher told us to use peers and tutors before asking him for help, because he wouldn't be there to bang on our doors every night and see if we get it. A girl in the back said to her friends (and a few rows), "Yeah, but you still can at my apartment."

      Group of guys in the hall, one says: "--I'm continually confusing friendship with lust--"

      Large group of people in line were telling jokes and a girl jumped in: "Okay, I don't remember the joke, but it had something to do with three guys..."
      Guy: "--I like where this is going--"
      Girl:"...a bull, a building, a fridge, and St. Peter asking how they all died..."
      Another guy: "Hey, I think I wrote that one!"

      Another group of people before late-night dinner.
      Guy: "Okay, question mark. What happens when Siamese twins marry? Is it to two people?"
      Girl: "No, they're two separate people--"
      Another guy: "--Hold on! Two Siamese twins marry another pair of Siamese twins!"
      First Guy: "Boom goes the dynamite!"

      While playing Halo: Reach:
      "I'm going for rockets...Guy is going for rockets...He has rockets...Rockets got me."

      Guy: "Hey, Evan!"
      Evan: "Yeah?"
      Guy: "Fuck you!"
      Evan: "Why?!"
      Guy: "I dunno, later."
      Evan: "See ya."

      Two guys walking up the street, as I pass one sniffs the air loudly and says "Bitches be ovulating!"

      Someone walking in the rain in sandals and no jacket: "It's fucking shitty out today."

      Two girls in the bookstore:
      Girl 1: ".. and it was the best time ever!"
      Girl 2: "That sounds so good! I wanna have fake arguments with my boyfriend now, just for that make-up sex!"

      Girls in hall before math: "I wish the University would stop being cheap and buy shower curtains that won't attack you while you're in there. It's so gross knowing it's done that to other people."
      (That one is sad because of this; it's not cheap curtains, it's physics).

      Guys on my floor playing Halo and getting owned:
      Guy 1: "I like you better when you're drunk!"
      Guy 2: "I like you better when you're more sober!"

      Saturday morning cafeteria brunch:
      "Fuck this fancy stuff, I'm gonna see if they have Reese's for breakfast!"

      Man getting out of a very flatulent stall: "Battle shits is the best way to start the day."

      My English teacher: "Instead of watching TV, I sit at my computer and come up with really bad sentences."

      My roommate and I playing Halo: Reach
      Rob: "I'm going to the bathroom. If I'm not back, keep playing and I'll come with glorious redemption."
      Me: "--That's what she said."

      My math teacher during registration week:
      "So, I tried registering for my own class just to be funny, and it turns out I couldn't because I haven't met the prerequisites."