Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I've Heard in College, QVI

"Why is it that we recognize Barack Obama as the first black President, not the President born to an anthropologist? His mother was an anthropologist, you didn't know that? I'm sure you can find it on his birth certificate."

Anthropology teacher trying to draw parallels between hijra in India and an equivalent here: "I just don't get the sense from the buskers downtown that if I don't pay them they'd mess with my reproductive future."

"You can do whatever you want! I don't want to sound like Dr. Seuss, but CSS is quite powerful!"

"I ordered crummy weather. It will be raining all weekend so you can read. That is not what I ordered!" Pointing accusingly outside at the sunshine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things I've Heard in College, QV

Another fairly class-segregated (and really, really, really late) installment of what I've heard while in college.

First day of school, after classes, my roommate and a friend of ours are on the bus. There's this guy and girl sitting next to each other talking, and while eavesdropping (he was talking pretty loudly, anyway) we hear him say: "Men buy drinks for women that will at least entertain the notion of sleeping with them."
The conversation goes in and out for a bit, and then the guy says: "Relationships are like hunting deer. You can shoot deer with buckshot, and you kill it, and you're eating that great meat, and you hit that bit of buckhot and spit it out--gross--and that's what love is like."
He then asked for her name. At this point, we thought they were at least friends or dating, but they were complete strangers. My friend speaks up and jokingly added, "Look out, he may buy you some alcohol."
The guy said, "For coffee at least," and the girl consented. They exchanged numbers before we all got off the bus.

Productive Summer!

So, during my sophomore year of college I started dropping the ball on doing things: One of them was updating my other blogs. Starting today I am using a productivity helper called Don't Break the Chain to make this summer productive. (The video below will explain it). My charts will have me focusing on reading, blogging, doing art in some fashion, and staying organized.