Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enduring Jones

Jones Soda is such a wonderful drink. And it's such a Washington drink! Practically everyone I hang out with loves Jones, whether its for the flavors, the ever-changing and unique graphics, or the funny sayings on the caps.

This wonderful drink used to be easy to find in La Conner. Then, about two months ago, the Pioneer Market stopped buying them. When I asked cashiers I knew what was the deal, they had no idea. I presumed I lost my only source within walking distance of my work. I debated whether to go into Mount-Burlington and buy a huge case of them every couple of months.

There was a stirring rumor Jones was not extinct in La Conner: I found that the local drug store had a small supply in their cooled beverages section. This selection was only like two or three flavors, and the cashier said they were probably not going to resupply, because "Jones isn't doing so well."

I looked at her funny, and bought a Cherry Jones. And kept at it for the next several days on my lunch break. I've been doing this for a few weeks now, and the stock has grown to about seven flavors. They're making a comeback in La Conner!

This is truly a tribute to the soda's qualities of awesome.

To celebrate, I will be posting the humorous (and very accurate/appropriate) Jones soda quotes I find on the caps of the Jones I buy. These will be posted in the column to the left, and archived on a different page. I might even add in comments about how the quote fits with my day.

Enjoy, and become a fan (or "like"...but I prefer to "become a fan") of Jones Soda on Facebook!

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