Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mid-Quarter Resolutions

This post isn't really related to mid-quarters or even college in general. Just another prompt write for my friend Megan's project Megan Writes 365. Just to help her out, and spread around the joys of Nerdfighteria, I created a link just for her blog. Enjoy, Megan! You can take the following link and post it anywhere online to spread it around!

New Year's Resolutions;
every year we think and
we say we're gonna do it;
yes, finally treat our goals like Pokemon and
e-raticate them in the next 364 days.
As usual, our strong minds
renounce the old ways, but only for
so long, and then we're the same as last year:
running back to the computers and couches,
entreating ourselves to the joys of not changing, but
surrendering to what we hold familiar.
Outraged after 342 days, we jump up in arms, and swear an oath against
laziness and procrastination.
Usually, this means that once again, we write a resolution
that we will actually follow next year.
I on the other hand have come up with a solution,
obtain a time machine and convince yourself you'll
never actually finish a resolution for a year, so try one just for the

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