Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jack's What to Bring, III (Dorm: Furniture)

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Most dorm rooms come equipped with some furniture, usually a bed, some drawers, a desk, and a chair (well, at WWU anyway). Beyond that, students must bring what they need to feel more at home. This blog may be a little short, but should still get the job done.
Jack says: [That's what she said!]

Extra seating (...)
University-issued chairs can be back and forth. Some people get rigid, wooden chairs and some will get flexible, plastic and wheeled chairs. It seemed to be mainly on which dorm hall you lived in. Either way, one chair per person isn't enough. Bring at least one fold-up chair, or a couch of a manageable size to help with the seating and space issues.
[I personally use a fold-up camping stool I found on a beach]

(True story, here it is):

... And extra bedding
My roommate and I had a big cushion we kept on the floor, and it was essentially a dog bed; except we used it store-bought-new. It was a great place to sit and watch / play games, and it doubled as an extra bed if someone stayed over. This could work for certain rooms, but it's just a good idea to have a spare set of pillows and / or covers for any additional sleepers. This isn't exactly "furniture-level," advice, but if you get a large dog bed like we did, it counts as furniture.

If you have food in your room, chances are you need to keep it fresh, have a way to prepare it, as well as store it. The shelves and drawers in my closet helped with some of the stuff like macaroni, ramen noodle packets, and cans of tuna just fine. I have a small, two-in-one fridge / freezer that was most useful the first quarter, when we actually kept food in it. Also, a microwave that got more an more use as we ate more and more midnight-on popcorn.
[Just think of your room as a boat: limited space, and there should always be food and rum...unless you're underage, of course].

The dorms I was in had built-in closets with built-in drawers, which helped for clothes, cleaning supplies, shoes, boxes, etc. Some of my friends on my floor had various sizes of shelves to suit their needs of storage vs. space. You might want to wait until the second or third week to bring in shelves, because usually by then your room will be in a semi-permanent state--as far as furniture is involved--and you can find the best type of shelving unit to use.
[Best to be creative in solving problems: Just grab an old, flattened box, and use it as a make-shift shelf].

A lot of people lately need ways to entertain themselves, and a majority of people are using appliance-grade ways of killing boredom. These are usually known as televisions, XBox (360)- / PS- (1, 2, 3) / Game Cube- / Wii- / Dreamcast- / Atari-ses (basically, any video game systems), and laptop computers. If you are one to use these, and won't use them as an excuse from homework (too often), then I recommend you bring them.
[Trust me, you're going to use electronics a lot].

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