Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love...

...being able to wake up one morning, go to the newspaper to help distribute papers to vendors for an hour, going to the library to get my schedule, and then later that day going to the local art museum to help out with something, and when I go to the post office they know I have three places I work for.

...being able to walk from the office, to the bank, the drug store, the market, go eat lunch at the Channel-side park, go to the post office, and back to the newspaper office before my lunch hour is over.

...being able to walk up to the mayor in the street and him knowing who you are. I swear, he has eidetic memory.


...being able to shake hands with two cops walking during lunch break: One I've had a ride-along with, and the other goes to the Town Council meetings when I do.

...getting tours in the local museums.

Small towns. Gotta love them.

My roots have definitely found good, nurturing soil here, and no matter how far my branches grow, this place is where I'm going to keep drawing from in my mind

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