Friday, August 13, 2010

Typewriter to trade

I recently received an IBM Correcting Selectric III from a neighbor that was moving, and now I am looking to get rid of it.

I'm off to college soon, and I want to give it to someone that will put more attention into it. When I first received it the typewriter could type and everything, but once it got to the end of the row it wouldn't reset itself on the next line.

I don't have time to fix it up or go in-depth with tinkering before college, and I want to give other people a chance to mess with it. So, I will be accepting offers to trade for something else.

As far as trading, you can offer various things, like artwork, a meal, a working manual (non-electric) typewriter, a set of pens, cash, anything! Get creative and maybe I'll accept your offer.

Just know you'd have to cover shipping expenses if you don't live around Skagit County, WA. By the way, its heavy.

I'll put pictures up soon, I'm on my way to bed at the moment.

Comment or email ( your offers.

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