Monday, August 30, 2010


Lately I've been prepping myself for a new chapter--College!

Been running around gathering things for dorm-life, getting classes settled, trying to contact my roommate, and wondering about my new teachers. And then it hit me, I've already had college experience!

In high school my Creative Writing, Native American Carving, and Computer classes count for college credits, so technically I've taken college classes before. Also, I've had lecture classes--however informal they are. Just today I sat down for twenty minutes and had a mini-lecture from four "life-teachers" that happen to teach over a few cups of "joe" at the La Crema Life College (LCLC, if you will).

Today's class had mini-lectures from Kevin Sunrise, Curt McCauley, Jim Smith, and Fred Owens. Kevin is the only teacher that was new to me today; I've had plenty of Life Lessons with the others. Here's a little brief description about each of today's teachers:
  • Kevin Sunrise is a well-known man in town. Until recently, he and his wife Amy ran a free food-exchange in their yard in town. They both love to walk and ride bikes in town.
  • Jim Smith is a favorite columnist in the town's paper, who always has some funny story or quote to share with everyone. "History at a Tangent 105" and "Anecdotal History 124" seem to be his favorite subjects.
  • Fred Owens is a freelance writer, blogger, and general "go-getter" in town. He just released a book, which is an anthology of blogs he's written the last few years (see link). Usually it's "Current Affairs 125," "Farming News 231," and "Related History 300" with him.
  • Curt McCauley is a local artist, who you will most likely find at the coffee shop, drawing on napkins with a brush pen. He tends to focus more on "Art and the Real World 102," "Eastern Philosophy 304," and the occasional "What to Do in Life 245."

Today's lesson included "Sage Advice 239," with the discussion of what parents tell their children--which evolved into a sort of round-table between these four wise and experienced men. Some notable advice included:

"Don't date a girl with bigger problems than your own."

"Don't date a loser."

"Don't waste your time on losers. I don't care if you get your heart broken, as long as it's not a waste of time. If you do get your heart broken, at least you know you're following your heart."

"Find the tallest, smartest, and most beautiful girl in the room, walk up to her, and say: I'm the answer to your prayers."

"You have to tell your kids important stuff when they're ten, because they believe you. By twelve they start to argue, and fifteen everything you say is wrong. You have to imprint it on them--not too much--but while they're younger."

I don't know about you, but it's fun to see that there are teachers like this all around us--and most of it is free of tuition and registration fees. All you need is a comfy seat, good ears, and the occasional beverage of choice.

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