Thursday, March 31, 2011

Third Quarter, Start

As usual, this quarter started on a Tuesday, and as usual, I've been somewhat hypocritical: feverishly thinking of something to write about for this blog, and at the same time procrastinating. To put all this at an end, I'll just write what comes to mind.

Being a freshman, I was low on the priority list of registering for classes. So naturally at the end of last quarter, all the classes I wanted were full; one of them was so popular, that the online class had a waitlist. One of my friends, a talented schedule-sculpture, was able to give me a set of classes that sounded interesting, and would actually satisfy requirements.

I didn't get back to campus until late Monday evening, too late to hunt down my exact classrooms, so I decided to wake up early on Tuesday to find my first class. Tuesday morning, I was 30 minutes early to class, but it turned out to be very fortunate--I ran into my math teacher from the last two quarters. He jokingly asked if I was coming in on the first day (while still on the waitlist), and told me when the class was going to be. Of course, I didn't have a class at the time, so I sat in on the first day. After the class, he emailed saying a few students were dropping the course, and to watch for emails from the Registrar's Office letting me know if I'd be able to register for it.

Not more than five minutes after I read my teacher's email, the Registrar's email popped up saying I had 12 hours to accept the class. On other days of the week, the time of the math class had an interfering class I was signed up for. After mulling it over, I dropped the interfering class for the new math.

Other than that little bit of schedule-confusion, the quarter has started off slowly and blandly. Not badly, just the usual slow and steady start. Things will get exciting later. For now, I'm enjoying the new schedule and its downtimes, and trying to adjust my sleeping schedule to fit accordingly once again. I've actually been reading a lot again, which didn't happen the last few quarters.

Hope everyone is enjoying the (slowly-coming) spring weather. Between the puddles and the rainclouds, there's been a few spells of sunlight that has people reeling, stumbling blindly, and praying for their sins and forgiveness. 
Not really, but kind of.

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