Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've been where the sun doesn't shine...

It is on campus, and it is called "Mac Lab" at Haggard Hall. Literally, the sun doesn't shine there because there is no windows, and it is in the middle of the building. You can be in there for hours at a time, and you don't know if it is still day or when dinner was (unless you use the clocks, but still).

With a group of dedicated members, we have edited a 5-minute and 30-second video in roughly 20 hours since Monday evening. This project was due for a film class today (Wednesday), and the reason it took so flippin long was because editing 3.48 GB of HD video files on Adobe Premiere 8 can be...frustrating.

I'm mainly writing this as a warning, rant, and praise at the same time.

Warning: When people tell you that during a film project, editing takes up a majority of the time, listen to them. Our group knew this going in, but a few switch-ups in our filming schedule, as well as people going home for weekends pushed back the days we could actually edit our footage.

Rant: I love what computers and programs and technology can do for us, but sometimes, I just want to back-hand it all back to 1983 and rewrite everything knowing what we know now. At times, all the data, scripts, RAM, disc space, and everything gets too jumbled and complicated and interfering that they actually do the exact opposite of what you want to do. We had to hold our breaths and literally get on our knees and pray for the video to render, save our edits, save as a certain file, and burn to a DVD to be turned in. I even went to the white board, and started conjuring up any amount of luck that I could by drawing lucky things on the whiteboard.

Bottom right, counter-clockwise to center:
Oriental dragon, pig, salt, horseshoe, toad, cricket, ant, crane, turtle, garlic, amulet, four-leaf clover, pentagram, rabbit's foot, praying mantis, and heads-up penny. Also, I drew this while crossing fingers, and our director has a heads-up penny in each shoe. Luck, galore!

Praise: I'd like to praise WWU for having such accessible computer labs all over campus, W7 / Snow Leopard dual-booting Mac desktops, a really awesome student-tech center, and the ability for students to check out equipment. I'd also like to thank my entire group for the project--who knew that randomly meeting strangers in class and relying on them for a grade would work out so well--lots of professional teamwork, productivity, and focus; I loved it!

Video will be "released" to the public later in the future; the director says after Monday.

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