Monday, May 23, 2011

End of Quarter Procrastination

The final quarter to my first year of college is winding down, and I can't get my mind to focus on one thing for too long. So many possibilities and things to do! I blame the excellent weather, except it was cold and borderline-rainy all day. (It was so sunny this weekend). I jump from immediate things like study for tomorrow's math test,watching YouTube videos, snacking (etc.), to working his summer, working on paintings, and packing for fall's quarter. Long gaps in time between those two, I know.

I find it ironic that in order to procrastinate from something as vital as math studying could turn into somewhat "productive" (possibly more extensive work) of wanting to write this blog, or read a book, or find out a percentage of my paychecks to set aside for next year's taxes, or calculate how many "deaths" the new series Mortal Kombat: Legacy has caused (total time watched vs. average lifespan of humans). It also makes me want to do things of less "productive" value, such as take pictures for this summer's blogs, or watch videos about red blood cells, or play some more rounds of Halo: Reach

This evening's path of procrastination as gone thus:
  • Dinner
  • Check all emails
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
    • Watching all new subscription videos (vlogbrothers, sxephil, relmvision, and tobuscus, to name a few)
    • Catching up on Hank Plays Portal 2
  • Looking up random articles on Wikipedia
  • Thinking of reading more web comics, but realizing I've read all the updates to my favorites
  • Watching Charlie McDonnell's video on procrastination (seen below)
  • Studying for math
  • Remembering and doing something for Biology
  • Writing this blog
    • Remembering and watching Hank Green's video on Red Blood Cells (link above)
    • Reflecting on art
    • Watching new  last week's episode of Superjail 
    • Studying
  •  Posting this blog
  •  Sleeping
Here is the Charlie McDonnell video I was telling you about. I guess I have to unplug the internet more and revert to my laptop being a giant iPod, or just take my typewriter and homework upstairs for a little retrocity.

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