Thursday, June 9, 2011

College By The Numbers, Quarter III

Herein lies the continuation of my "College By the Numbers" series. You can click through these links to find the numbers from first quarter, as well as second quarter.
Western's Spring 2011 quarter started March 29, and officially ends June 10. That makes the quarter 2 months and 12 days--equivalent to 10.4 weeks; or 74 days; or 53 weekdays.
[Wolfram alpha is amazing]

Now, time for The Numbers for...

Dorm Life
  • Finished one bar of shower soap
  • ~2/3 of a bottle of shampoo
  • About a quarter of a tube of toothpaste
  • One tooth brush
  • Visited home four weekends of the ten weeks
  • I actually found $0.74 in the laundry machines...
  • While spending $8.75 on my Laundry Card

    It's a good idea to have like $3 on your card, in case you need to have an emergency cleaning.

Class Materials
  • Went through two black, ball-point pens taking notes in four classes.
  • Used another half "vial" of pencil lead.
  • Between four classes, I went through two-and-a-half  notebooks.
  • Almost finished off the last of my lined paper, mainly with math.
  • Spent $492.59 on five textbooks--the most expensive being accounting, at $132.

College / Campus
  • Every quarter, I have $150 available on my Western ID card to use at the campus markets and coffee shops. Any leftover money goes to the next quarter--but ends up getting deleted when summer starts. Last quarter I had $3.25 left over, so a total of $153.25 at the start of this quarter. [Enter total here]. I had 17 cups of dirty chai (chai latte with at least a shot of espresso--usually two).
  • I ate at the dining halls a total of 161 meals, using all 10 of my guest passes. This was using an Unlimited Plan, which I've liked particularly for its flexibility and I don't have to worry about making the meals last the whole quarter. Just like last quarter, I kept extensive track of my meal-usage.
  • An average week had 14 meals this quarter. If I had paid for all my meals with cash, it would've been $1,233.75. According to the file I found on WWU's website, the cost of an Unlimited Plan during Spring Quarter was $922.
  • I printed about 202 pages using school printers. Each student gets $25 per quarter, which is 500 pages, or $0.05 a page (black and white. Color is $0.25 a page). Students that need more may add money to a card to use with the printers.
  • I used the Bellingham Bus system a lot this quarter. The first time I tried, I had to pay because apparently after that much non-use, my account was dropped from my card, but the next day I had it sorted with a quick, three-minute visit to the right offices.

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