Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to campus!

This was a move-in, college-filled weekend. This past week really snuck up on me, especially considering I finished my big art project on Friday. Anyways, on Saturday I spent all day packing and figuring out what to store, get rid of, or just take with me. Got pretty much everything into the car.

Yesterday I moved in, the process was really fast, as usual. People helped move stuff from cars into a holding zone inside, and then from there they helped get it upstairs and into the dorm. I think in total that was 15-20 minutes. My roommate had been there hours earlier, so he had the beds all bunked like we talked about over summer. Lofting gives lots of space in the room, but bunking does so much more!

Also, we figured whoever had the earliest class in a quarter gets bottom bunk.

 The biggest surprise was our windows. There isn't one large window, just five individual windows. It looks a little strange and quasi-prison-esque, but we can really control light and breeze into our room this way.

Three pictures composited for one image. 
Basically the view from sitting at my desk.

And now the rest of the room:

 Last night my roommate and I went walking and chilled in town with one of my friends from last year. Fun way to catch up with people and stay up late, as well as get used to the town again.

Today, bought some textbooks I needed, saw some more friends, and browsed through the Info Fair. I'm stoked there's a Doctor Who club: Bad Wwulf!

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