Monday, September 26, 2011

Year Two, Week One

This'll be a round-up and summary of my last week, which was very busy, so you can use this to pass the time while waiting for the rain to stop. Also, sorry for lack of pictures in this post.

Room- / floormates
This first week has been pretty sweet, and a good marker of what's to come this year. My roommate and I had talked late last spring and during the summer to figure out how the room would be. We're all moved in, and I'm sure we'll still tweak things as we go, but it's a great set-up. Whenever we think we might intrude on one another's homework time or play music too loud, we talk, and things get settled. 

To reader's with new roommates: Just talk. It seriously settles things out. Unless your roommate won't talk or compromise...then I'd say go chill with friends in their dorms when all else fails.

Late last week my roommate and I did our hall's Open Door Night and met lots of people. My roommate challenged himself (and dominated) about learning people's names. We both say it was around "40 names," and it actually isn't that far from reality. Of course, now everyone will probably know him as "The Guy Who Knows Everyone."

We also got to know more people on our floor. One of our immediate neighbors has one of my classes, which is always good to have familiar faces in class.

During the Info Fair last week, I signed up for the campus clubs Browncoats and Bad Wwulf: Joss Whedon and Doctor Who clubs, respectively. For those that don't know, Joss Whedon created Firefly, among other awesome things. Sounds like this week I'll be able to go to their first meetings and get to meet new people.

Last night I went to the Humans Versus Zombies for our first staff meeting. Got me excited for the upcoming game [Insert subtle plug for the Fall Game, running from Oct. 19-26, here]. I look forward to working with everyone and do my part to make the game run as seamlessly as possible.

This dark, stormy, and rainy weather over the last few days really makes me want to do a few things; namely jump into a pile of blankets and pillows, read, write, type, and paint. If I come up with anything creative and worthwhile, I'll probably write about it on here. 

I love the feel and dark of fall weather, but not so much walking through the rain. Now, watching it while warm and dry, that's another thing I like.

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