Sunday, July 22, 2012

Misplaced energies and babbling

The beginning of this summer I started using a technique to cut down on procrastination and get more stuff done. It's sort of worked: Mainly, I've been reading daily (Neil Gaiman's American Gods).

The technique has helped me open my blog and write a lot, but that doesn't always translate into more blog posts that are published. I have at least three reviews of albums almost ready to publish on Seattle Whispers, but they don't feel done.

After some analysis, I've found it is because I've been leaning more and more towards analytical reviewing of the albums (and anything else I'm reviewing), and that doesn't always flow as smoothly as I'd like--and neither does it lend itself to writing and publishing quickly.
Juggling with the idea of writing faster, leaner versions of reviews, and when I have time / more motivation, to write lengthier, more in-depth reviews for those looking for analysis and discussions. The second part is tentatively called Seattle Murmurs.

Things that get in my way of productivity are life and lack of motivation--or motivation, with misplaced energy output. With life, my work at the local library and newspaper cuts into most weekdays. Afterward, all I want to do is relax...which almost invariably means hours on the computer doing pointless tasks, sometimes somewhat typing, or hanging with people. Then the days I have off I stay up the previous night, sleep in, and don't feel truly motivated to do anything. Or I get the feeling of a drive to do something, but I can't get the gears to catch properly. The result is nothing really getting done, just more misplaced energy.

In other news, I've been watching way too much Vlogbrother videos on YouTube. Of course, one can't watch enough of them, or overdose on them; it's just a figure of speech. I arbitrarily clicked on their 2008 playlist, and I've since stuck with it. Currently up to August 2, 2008.

Also, inspired by American Gods I've been playing with coins more and more. Lots of finger rolls and muscle passes, just to keep my hands busy and myself entertained.

Also, also, regarding misplaced energies. There's a "campaign" asking Christian Bale to visit the victims of the Aurora shooting, dressed as Batman. I have all these feelings about it--it is a noble idea, but not thought out as well as it should be. What if seeing him as Batman creates some sort of trauma and flashback for the victims?
 Due to the internet being really good at forwarding people's knee-jerk, first-click, response, it sounds like this is gaining a lot of support, with not enough "stopping and thinking first." In light of this situation in Aurora, Colorado being very serious and somber, this idea of doing something for the victims is a good one, but like I said: think, people--Ask the victims what they want.

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