Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Business

It feels very strange to be back at school after a month of vacation, but I do feel good about being back. This is only my second day of being back in Bellingham and I am already accustomed to waking up early, having a new schedule and being back in a dorm environment. Although, there is a few things that feel funny to me still.

Just going to breakfast today, I saw a lot of people that I would normally see during breakfast from last quarter, but I still don't have names for them. Also, all of the people that I became familiar with in my smaller classes I don't have class with--except for math, a few people from last class moved up with me. Now I have to get used to a new set of faces, and hopefully learn some more names and possibly gain friends (or at least friendly acquaintances).

Already I've fallen back into the groove of the day:
  • Wake up an hour before class, shower, dress, check email, and then go eat before class. 
  • Continue classes throughout your day; have a meal if able.
  • Finish any important business you have--like buying textbooks and paying off whatever fees/tuition is left, etc.
  • Get back to the resident hall, dodge around whatever loud game is happening in the hall, and relax in your dorm. 
  • Possibly lose track of time with Halo: Reach and the internet.
  • Attempt homework.
  • Dinner.
  • Sleep at some point, and repeat tomorrow.
There hasn't been anything big and terrible about coming back to school after the long break, so for all of you that still have a week or so left, stop complaining and enjoy your break. But when you do get back, you do have to at least know the general area/building your classes will be, and when they are.

Also, I find it is mandatory for students to "dress up" for the first day of a quarter/semester--this could be just wearing a tie with whatever shirt you have, or at least bring their swagger to class.

I did both.

I don't do self-photos much, so don't worry about future posts with these.

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