Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tests and Exams

This week has felt extra long to me, I've had three exams in four days. Through this, I've gotten a bit of insight on online tests versus in class. This morning I had an exam at 8 a.m., which is the usual class time, but for once I didn't have to leave my room--it was online, and I liked it.

  • You can utter curses and swears aloud, even yell them if your roommate doesn't mind or isn't asleep.
  • You can just roll out of bed, and clothing is optional (again, depending on roommate situation).
  • You don't have to be with other people that skipped the shower to study--or make it to class on time.
  • Everyone knows it's open book, even when not specified. (This one was though).
  • Scores are instantaneous, you don't have to worry for a week for results.
  • Its not a physical sheet of paper, which some people prefer.
  • Throws off your day if its mid-day or you're used to the walk to the classroom.
  • Crappy / laggy internet connection.
  • Having to go to computer lab / library to fix said internet quality.
Things I've Learned:
  • The classes I'm taking at the moment are very reading-orientated, so I think my next step (and biggest) is to start actually keeping up on the reading as the class and lectures proceed. 
  • Start studying more than one or two days before the test.
  • Study in a similar environment to when you take the test.
  • Be just as caffeinated and needing (or not) sleep as you do when you learn the info (like other lecture days).
  • Don't get too cocky going in or leaving the test: I thought one of my tests was gonna go horribly, I took it and I felt really good about it, and then my score ended up being a 68%...

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