Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zombie Plague and Other Sicknesses, Part Two

I just got back from dinner, after a very long, and tiring mission; so I'll try to keep this concise and not ramble on, even though a lot went down today. If you're confused why I'm talking about zombies, you should head over to the first post to get caught up (n00b).

I slept in and felt cruddy right away--this cough / sore throat isn't working for me--but I knew a nice hot, steamy shower would help, and it did. I had a late brunch and had time to do some hunting before the 2 p.m. mission. The one human I stalked around ended up catching up to a bigger group of humans and ducked into a resident hall, so I just went to the Zombie briefing at Parks Hall.

The mission was revealed to be a Scavenger Hunt around campus, and both Humans and Zombies were looking for three "parts" located in different areas (two pairs of them, though--one for each team). Once the three parts were collected, then they had to be taken to the other team's starting zone, assembled into a "radio," there was a code that had to be given, and the final point was getting back to the original starting zones. Also, Humans became Zombies if tagged, and Zombies that were stunned had to go to either the Humanities Building, College Hall, or Communications to get back to tagging. The mission had a two-hour limit.
The altered Google map below has a general idea of what that game was expected to look like.

[Humans started at blue X, Zombies at red; check point at blue / red circles. Green marks are skirmishes]

A bunch of groups were expected to break off and scour the campus (red / blue lines), with a lot of little skirmishes happening the whole time as the groups were trying to find the parts, and then a massive battle at the checkpoints and final positions. And here is what actually happened (from what I was witness to).

[Again, Humans blue, Zombies red, skirmishes green. Zombie respawn points in purple]

There were a good seven to nine little groups of zombies that split up and scoured campus really well. The group I was with saw a massive group of fully-loaded humans coming across Red Square, to Edens, to Nash (all the North end of campus), and then we dashed to Edens for our first part. I ran with a fast Zombie to get to PAC (our final location, a red circle) to deliver it safely. When we got there, a second group of Zombies (maybe from The Ridge) came up with the second part, and our group leader, Zombie General Scotty, said the final one was inbound (Fairhaven, maybe). This was in the time of ten minutes.

Once all the parts were collected, we saw there was numbers on them, and we needed to call in a codename. The code was cracked quickly: WWU. The group that had amassed at PAC then headed back to Parks Hall to win the match. From here General Scotty said we were done, and now we had to stop the Humans from completing their objective. There were tons of skirmishes, and total-building embargos as the Humans tried to get the final part in Fairhaven.

For a majority of the game, Humans were stuck in the Tech / Engineering Building, Arntzen, and Environmental Studies area. Basically, where all the green is on the map. It was such a good embargo, that the moderators put a limit of fifteen more minutes to retrieve the last part, or the mission was over early. The Humans were able to retrieve the final piece, but got stuck at Parks Hall in the last few minutes of the mission.

At the debriefing, there were a few tagging disputes that were settled over Human versus Zombie matches. The Human has one gun one dart for each Zombie the dispute was with. Then, it was announced that Zombies had won and were awarded 50% respawn times until Sunday at 7 p.m.--and for stopping the Humans so well, we were awarded a permanent 2-minute reduction in respawn times. So, until tomorrow evening, stunned Zombies only have to wait 4 minutes to play again.

Today was a good (although very tiring) day. I felt achey when I woke up, and even worse going to dinner. HvZ is a great workout plan, especially after not using my gym pass like I should (at least once a quarter). I should've weighed myself before Wednesday.

Edit: I just used G-Map Pedometer, and I ran at least 2.4 miles today.

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  1. You did see the huge mass rush on parks at the very end right?


  2. Oh yes I did.
    I was on the Bio-side of that effort, and I got shot about half a step before I tagged a Human. Maybe at the mission on Monday I'll get to eat.