Friday, April 15, 2011

Zombie Plague and Other Sicknesses, Part Four (Wrap Up)

Originally, I was picturing maybe three or four posts total to encompass this past week's activities with Humans Versus Zombies, but it's just not possible.

So, Final Mission time:
When I finally got back to my room on Wednesday, I looked at the WWUHvZ website and found that there were a ton of kills earlier in the morning. I myself had helped trap and catch a few, and also witnessed a few Humans "Hugging Away Their Humanity"--welcoming a Zombie to tag you with a hug. One guy said, "I just want it to be over, no more stress."

The Final Mission, Extraction, started at 6, as usual. It was already sprinkling / raining, and there was mention of a full on thunderstorm by later that evening. I was looking forward to a good ending game. At briefing, we were told that the Humans had at least three places that they could go to get information on where the Extraction Zone was going to be, but the Info Drop wasn't going to happen until 6:30, giving Zombies plenty of time to look for the moderators that would be giving the information.

The group I was with stumbled upon a lot of Humans on North campus as they were trying to make it to Bond for the Info Drop (yellow near Haggard Hall on map) there. A few of them got wiped out, in-game and in reality, on the slick, grassy slopes. I went down to mid-campus to witness an ambush at the Info Drop at the wooden sculpture (near Arntzen on map), and then went way South campus for the end of the mission.

Due to confusion about safe zones, a group of about eight humans were at the South Extraction Zone (blue circle--the other blue circle at North campus was Higginson, and only one Human made it there, reportedly bruised and bleeding), and everything had to be settled during a moderator-enacted gauntlet after 7, the End Game time:

About thirty-five of the best Zombies were pitted against the remaining Humans that were in contention. All other Humans at that time did not survive, and became Zombies. Everyone still playing gathered around the final field (green hash on map) to watch.

[Blue is Humans, red are Zombies, green are the skirmishes, green hash was final field, and blue circles are Extraction Zones]

Humans on one side, Zombies on the other. The Humans had to get to the opposite field goal and high-five a moderator to gain the Survivor achievement. A horde of Zombies on the sidelines started the chant: "What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want it? BRAINS!" The rain had lightened to a sprinkle, the clouds broke, and a (double) rainbow formed as the final match began. Zombies basically rushed against the small group of Humans, a few of which were able to sneak around and get to the moderator. Only four Humans survived; making five total for the game.

A group of us Zombies decided to walk to Zoe's to get bagels and warm (very warm) beverages to warm our undead limbs as we discussed battle-plans for next game.

Wrap-Up / Overview

I had a lot of fun during this quarter's game. It came up very suddenly, and I had to ask a favor of a friend so I could go to the registration meeting, but it was well worth it. Next quarter, I'm definitely gonna try and survive longer than one day. But, both sides do have their perks, so I wouldn't be horribly upset to get turned rather quickly.

As a group event, it really brings people together and gets them talking. Anytime you pass people with the orange bandannas, whether it's in-game or not, you each give a knowing nod and smile--even between Humans and Zombies. Non-players enjoy it as well, watching for the next big attack, and asking both teams what the score (population counts) were. There's not a lot of real animosity against the teams; everyone has fun.

At one point during the second mission, a group of Humans were trapped in a building, and weren't being helpful to the mission objective, so they decided to take the time to have fun and try and get some achievements while a moderator was there.
The main one the team went for was ZOMGWTF: "Hit a Zombie with a thrown dart, in the presence of a moderator; this does not stun the zombies. It must also be an active zombie and you must LIVE to tell the tale." Some Zombies were helpful and had fun with it as well, and the moderator there said, "This human group is my favorite group of humans this game."

It was also really fun to listen to people exchange war-stories about the missions and big skirmishes.
"I was at Ridge Tennis courts during the first wave, got shot so many times."
"I've tagged three people. Yes, 'Just Making Friends' award!"
"I was at the Embargo of Comm Building."
"I have no kills, but I helped the horde catch at least nine people."

[ZG Scotty really does look like Cary Elwes from Robin Hood: Men in Tights]

By the way, I finished without any kills this game, for those wondering.


  1. Hey man, this blog was awesome. I had a great time reading about it and then recapping all the victories and losses we had over it. Thanks a lot of writing it. I will be human next game, and will make sure you don't die the first day at least.

    Zombie General

  2. Thanks Scotty, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had fun running around and escorting you this week.

    Have a good quarter!

  3. Hey all the mods love this and I love who i am the mod who was quoted about my favorite group of humans during the second mission.

  4. Thanks, Matt! It was a real blast and I'm SO down for the game Fall 2011!

  5. Haha. Awesome series.
    As a proud human, I counter with: