Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Day!

Wow, I've been procrastinating too much! Last quarter, just completely gave up on blogging for here, but no more! I'm planning on having a much better time in 2012, starting with planning and organizing better. And today, the first day of the quarter ended up really good.

Finally woke up before noon (my body was very selfish during the break, and my sleep schedule was way off), got some important emails sent off, and then had breakfast--all before my first and only class of the day. As per usual, I dressed up all nice in grey slacks, a grey button-up, and wore a maroon tie (no pics available).

After class, I paid for tuition, went back to the dorm to got some blogging done (like the last few ones that were supposed to be last quarter), and then my friend asked if I wanted to go downtown with her. My roommate and I jumped on the same bus she was on, and started walking around, looking for a particular art store in the rain. Well, took the "scenic route" by intuition, and got there super fast with a smart phone (Me-0 | Tech-1). By the way, The Dakota Art Store on Cornwall in Bellingham, has 204 colors of spray paint--really nice, spray paint (Gold Montana). And, with awesome colors like butta, latte, bone, poison, duck season, and vampirella.

Tomorrow, I expect it to be rainy still, so maybe my plan will be to hole up in a coffee shop and read. Yum.

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