Tuesday, January 3, 2012

College By the Numbers, QIV

You can see Spring 2011's numbers here.

Dorm life
  • Finished a single bar of soap.
  • ~2/3 of a bottle of shampoo.
  • Gone through one toothbrush.
  • A full roll of paper towels.
  • Visited home four of the eleven weekends.
  • Found only $0.30 in the laundry machines.
  • Spent $1.75 on my Laundry Card.

Class Materials
  • Finished two black, ballpoint pens taking notes between four classes.
  • Filled about two notebooks' worth of pages in notes.
  • Went through ~50 sticky notes.
  • Spent $185.63 on five textbooks at the AS Bookstore. Two others I got from friends as gifts or really cheap. 

College / Campus
  • Spent all $150 in Dining Dollars. Damn those almost-daily coffees.
  • Went to the Dining Hall for 161 meals and using 8 of my 10 guest meals. This was on the Unlimited Plan. Out of pocket, the meals would've cost me a total of $1,193.75, and according to this WWU chart, I paid $1,248 for the meal plan. Oooh, so close.
  • Printed about 50 pages this quarter. The per-student credit used to be $25 (~500 pages), but this quarter it was $1.25 (~25 pages)--greatly reducing what I felt needed to be printed.
  • I used the Bellingham Bus system a lot. It has become almost second nature to go downtown this way.

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