Monday, January 9, 2012

First Week!

Second day (Wed.)
Found out I actually got into a class I wanted, and while looking at the AS Bookstore for textbook prices I bought some of the less-expensive. I usually wait to the end of the first week to buy all the textbooks because some textbooks aren't required or truly necessary.

Third (Thurs.)
Easy day: One of the classes doesn't start this first week, and the long class went by really quickly. Day of chilling  Went exploring campus for graffiti, which I post up on my other blog, WWU Urban Art.

Fourth (Fri.)
Bought the rest of my books, and ended up going to a class that was cancelled--and the professor has announced it the first day--I'm such a nerd, I love it. I bought a double-dirty coffee and hung out with a friend afterward to shake it off. Later that evening, my roommate and I went downtown and went to El Capitan's for those delicious hot dogs!

Fifth (Sat.)
Just a day of sleeping in and relaxing. The big thing was the game of Fugitive from Nash Hall to Buchanon Towers, then back again.

Sixth (Sun.)
Woke up earlier than usual for a weekend, and it made the day seem very long. Ended up spending most of the day looking for the "replaced bricks" on campus--where students install their own, creative bricks into the normal brickwork all over. You can find the tour of it on WWU Urban Art. Also, one of the girl-floors "pranked" our floor by tying doors together and snatching shower curtains. 

Seventh (Mon.)
First Monday of classes--and it's just the same as Wednesdays and Fridays, so no surprises. After all my classes, went to the VU Gallery with my friend to see the exhibit "An Experiment." You can find my review of it on Seattle Whispers.

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