Friday, January 15, 2010

Filler: Library Time

Just wanted to post something to fill the void between "Finds of the Week" posts.

Here is the standard look at what Saturdays are for me. It s a six hour day, so not too hard. Just a little monotonous/boring. Sometimes.

11:00 am -- Help colleague open:
Turn on lights, printers, and copier
Boot up staff computers and get the circulation program ready
Bring in books from book drop, check them in
Take out recycling and week-old newspapers

11:25 -- Start shelving whatever books are left over from Friday

* - It must be noted for a lot of the day I am shelving, or in the shelves for some reason. During this time, I read backs of books that look interesting, read random snippets of non-fiction books, write down authors/books/series I want to read (the list is Huge, though). The * will be placed where this applies.

Noon -- Help patrons at the desk: checking in/out books, look up/find titles, answer phone. Single-handedly manage desk while colleague eats lunch.

1:00 pm -- Go eat lunch myself.

1:30 -- Shelve some more books. Start going through the discard process on some books when needed. Copy/print/cut things needed for library. Shelve some more.*

2:35 -- Check the time*

3:14 -- Check the time*

3:58 -- Check time. See I have an hour left!*

4:15 -- Start shredding what's to be shredded.

5:01 -- Close up building. Leave.

And yes, this is very much like Scott Douglas' writings on the McSweeney's website. I've been reading his Dispatches from a Public Librarian lately, and just finished his book about two weeks ago.

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