Sunday, January 3, 2010

It’s already 2010!?

I always find it very surprising how time will fly by, and how long ago everything was when you look back. Maddeningly, things you remember from years ago also feels like they happened a few weeks ago, if not sooner...and then things from last month feel like forever ago!

In order to celebrate this fascinating paradox, I have decided to start remembering and writing about my past—specifically about writing—which in itself is sort of paradoxical (bear with me if I’m rambling.)

Because the original version of this blog wasn’t really doing anything for me, and I was never keeping up with my original intention of “blurbing,” I thought rewriting this blog would be a good thing. Also, the cleaning out and rebuilding seems to fit the theme of the New Year. (I kept the old posts as "Old" in case people were curious.)

I will be posting here with comments about what I read or write, as well as retrospective looks into my turbulent (yet interesting) relationship with writing. Yes, this will cover the "writing subject" from elementary to high school to present day things...Just not always in chronological order. It shouldn't get too confusing, and if so, just comment or email me.

Hope to see you soon!

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