Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Week's Finds

Just when I thought this week the library's donation box was going to be free of anything interesting and worthwhile of taking home, Saturday afternoon happened!

This very wonderful patron came in with a big bag of books (which I unloaded and returned the bag), and then I jumped right into digging through the pile.

Actually, rewind. During my lunch break, I was rifling through the box, and did find one book before the big bag:

Strange Men and Women by Brad Steigner
A collection of interesting people, printed in 1967, and assures "each of their stories is completely documented, 100% true." A few loose pages, but otherwise readable condition.

Okay, there were a lot of intriguing books, but I only have so much space at home, so I had to really crack down on my impulses.

Picasso: Papiers Collé (by Herta Wescher)
Published by Tudor Publishing in 1960 (volume 30 in the Petite encyclopédie de l'art series). A small, thin book with pictures of Picasso's collages.

The Confessions of an English Opium-Eater by Thomas De Quincey
Originally published in 1821 as a series of anonymous essays for London Magazine, it was published as a book (1822), revised (1856). This copy is from 1910.

The old, faded cover of this book caught my eye, and the title intrigued me. The cover and first few pages had fallen off: It was probably my most serious taping-job I've done here, I really didn't want to fuddle this book any more.

Man, my To Read List is getting really long--faster than I can finish them.

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